A maintenance free yard begins with a Dolly!

The Dolly refuse container has a practical 360 litre capacity which holds up to five standard garbage bags (a smaller 240 litre size is also available as an option). We have over 11,000 satisfied owners and renters of these popular wheeled containers in the greater Fredericton area as well as in Doaktown, Millville, Harvey and many other southern New Brunswick communities.


Practical and Economical:

* Five year guarantee
* 15-20 year life span
* Durable, quality construction
                                 * Easy to handle


The Solution to:

* Animals and rodents getting into bags
* Odors in the heat of the summer
* Over-sized garbage items too big for bags
* Broken garbage bags
* Yard refuse
* Early pick-up (container can be placed curbside overnight)

To purchase or rent, simply call our office and we will have your Dolly delivered.

All prices include HST. trius_disposal_09.jpg

Dolly rental: $5.69/mo or $64.40/yr

Dolly purchase: 360 L - $240.00
                       240 L - $184.73


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Contact us at:

Ph: (506) 459-7300 Toll free: 1-800-561-0024

Fax: (506) 459-2024

PO Box 1385 (70 Trius Drive) Fredericton, NB E3B 5E3

e-mail: disposal@triusgroup.com

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