Why Trius Bus?

Our Record & Reputation Say It All!

Trius Charter Bus Service wants to be your number one choice for serving all your transportation needs. It does make a difference who you travel with...........

If you receive a quote from one operator that is significantly or surprisingly lower than all others, it could be that they are cutting costs in areas such as insurance coverage, vehicle maintenance or driver training which could directly affect the comfort and safety of your travel.

There Are Certain Things You Should Look For With A Charter Service When You Book:

Is the company reputable?

Trius has been in business for over 40 years, building a solid and satisfied customer base all along the way. We will gladly give references if requested.

Are the coaches safety inspected? Is there a thorough preventative maintenance program in place?

Our buses are all subject to a rigorous, regular maintenance program.

Does the company carry adequate insurance?

Trius Charter Bus Services is insured at the $5,000,000 level.

Does the company employ trained and professional drivers?

Our drivers have ongoing in-house, as well as external, training to ensure up to date compliance with all safety regulations and requirements. Our philosophy is that anyone can be trained to carry a load, but not everyone can be a coach driver. We aim to employ only the best.

Does the company meet all safety standard requirements?

We are licensed to operate in both Canada and the United States and are subject to auditing and review by either government at any time. We have never had any problems.

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